Dont Believe A Thing You Eat


A virtual nourishment course on intuitive nutrition, emotional self reliance, and true freedom from the burden of consistent healthy eating.

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You know there is a healthier, less emotionally reactive version of yourself buried deep inside of you but you don’t know how to let her out.

You want to learn how to step out of your shadow and let yourself shine.

You know something has to change, something needs to shift…

…at the deepest level.

Keep reading to learn the secrets to upgrading your emotional awareness and living from a place of intuition rather than willpower.

Ask yourself. Honestly…


Are you ready to ditch the drama, anxiety, and overwhelm for good and finally live a life of compassion, authenticity and deep gratitude?


featherWould it bring you great relief to give up the gimmicky diet programs and calorie counting and instead learn to eat intuitively in a way that is best for your unique body, without feeling deprived of your favorite food?


featherDo you often find yourself sabotaging your best intentions- anything from making healthier food choices, or pursuing more loving relationships, to sticking to your budget- and can’t seem to figure out why?


If you answered yes, then keep reading…

For whatever reason you are here, reading this, now. And I believe you are here for a reason. What I have for you may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


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10449500_10152352892659285_4791768577193749477_nI used to let my emotions control me.

I lived in a state of stress. I used to let every little thing bother me and put me over the edge. I would become irritable and emotionally reactive, often lashing out at the people I loved most in my life then feeling awful about myself afterwards. Worse yet, I developed horrible eczema that none of the (over a dozen) medical doctors could give me clear answers to. I found myself trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years and facing a diagnosis of infertility. I wasn’t in a good place emotionally or physically. Knowing I needed to take care of myself, I tried all the traditional self care strategies- anything from a glass of wine at the end of the day, to bubble baths, and extra “me” time.

But none of them worked because I was still detached from my emotional self care.

I  needed to go deeper. I needed to tap into my deepest needs and desires and who I am really, not just who I believed I was supposed to be. I needed to let go of the societal expectations I had been buying into and learn to live my own truth.

And once I started doing that, everything got better.

Leaning into my intuition, and further away from what conventional wisdom has to say about how to eat healthy, or how to practice self-care, I’ve created a life rooted in emotional awareness. I learned how to meet my deepest needs, how to feed my body in a way that is right for me on both a physical and an emotional level. My eczema cleared up on its own. I got pregnant, naturally, without all the fertility meds that the doctors (both medical and naturopathic) said I would need. It has taken my relationships from tenuous and stressful and made them strong, and loving, and grounded in compassion and deep respect. I felt free, connected, and full of unconditional self-love and acceptance.

Its made me proud of who I am. Its allowed me to align deeper with my values.

The tools I’m going to share with you come from my educational training as a masters level social worker, my years of working as a therapist, my certification training as a nutrition coach, and countless hours of study as a life coach. These concepts have been life changing for me personally, and I credit much of my own sense of self, happiness, and personal growth to going through these practices.

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 You’re here today because you’re like me and you want more from your life. This program was designed specifically for you.

When you enroll in this virtual nourishment program, I’m going to take you through the exact emotional awareness techniques, nutritional education, and intuition building strategies that I used myself several years ago when I went from the person who took my emotions out on the people who meant the most to me (and felt awful about myself as a result) to the grounded, nourished, intuitive person I am today. This is a life changing program. When you learn how to nourish yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally in a way that feels fun and free……. everything changes.

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Here’s what you’re going to learn….


Module 1: Connecting To Your Intuition

Here you will identify and conquer self defeating patterns, as well as raise awareness and tend to your innermost needs. As you begin to notice and become aware of your inner needs and desires, and the ways of self sabotage in your life, a deep rooted sense of compassion will begin to rise, for yourself and for those around you. This has been nothing short of life changing for me, and I’m excited to share these concepts with you.

Module 2: Resolving Stress At The Core

Upgrade your skills to catch and detach from stressful stories, thoughts and assumptions. Here, I will guide you through a series of questions from author Byron Katie called “The Work.” This is designed to teach you how to question and tease apart any thoughts that cause anger, fear, stress, or anxiety.

Module 3: Stepping Out Of Your Shadow

Take a look at what is called the Shadow Work. This is where your repressed feelings go when you try to avoid them or keep them pushed down, but they fester and grow bigger. Its like trying to keep a beach ball under water. It takes a lot of energy to keep it pushed down, but eventually it will surface. And when it does, it will make waves. In this module you will use self-compassion as your guide as you begin to explore the deepest darkest caves of your being. Here you will find the most prized gems of your soul, and dust them off.

Module 4: Making Space For Big Emotions

You will learn to increase your tolerance for uncomfortable feelings. So many times we tend to hide or repress emotions, either because they don’t feel good to feel, or because we don’t think that we are supposed to feel that way. We rush ourselves through sadness, or anger, or heartache because we want so badly to get to the other side. But when you do that, when you hurry up and FORCE yourself through the experience, youre left feeling resentful, or irritated, or depressed as a result and the relief isn’t so sweet. Learning to feel the full extent of your feelings allows them to be out in the open where they are manageable, instead of in the dark dingy corners where they become bigger and scarier and less in your control. Making space for these big emotions allows you to grow your emotional awareness, or what I call your emotional IQ. It allows you to be less reactive, less of a victim of circumstance and more in control of the feelings you want to feel.

Module 5: Soulfood Summary + Ramp to the Reboot

Learn how to incorporate the skills you’ve learned and the changes you’ve made in the previous modules. You will also be introduced to The Reboot, a 21 day whole foods based detox. The Reboot is an opportunity to clean up your diet, replace bad habits with healthier choices, and give cravings the boot. Many times, stress and busy-ness and overwhelm lead to emotional eating and can sabotage your intentions to eat healthier. Having gone through the previous 4 modules, you are better equipped emotionally to do the Reboot. By the time we get to this module, your relationship with yourself will already be deeper, more loving, more intuitive, and more honest……maybe for the first time. You will not need to fight with yourself, or rely on willpower to make healthy life changes. You will already be connected with a deep deep sense of inner knowing and a belief  that will lead you exactly to where you need to be.

Module 6: Everyday Integration

Here you will learn how to take these concepts and integrate them into your daily life in a way that is realistic and will support these changes in the longterm in a way that is life enhancing. With my ongoing support, these changes become part of who you are. This is a blueprint for your life that will grow with you. This module is about how to guarantee that these concepts become a foundation for you to grow into the next greatest version of yourself.


feather Handouts to upgrade your skills in the kitchen

feather The art of fermentation


Ongoing emotional intuitive practices

feather My favorite recipes for quick, easy meals


Recommended reading list

feather E-Book for the 21-Day Reboot


 Strategies for positive thinking and maintaining a healthy mindset


 Be among the first group of women to enroll and receive a private 60 minute coaching call with me, scheduled at the completion of the course, to ensure that these changes lead to lifelong benefits ($175 value)

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In as little as 3 months……

You could start living from a place of compassionate self-care and have the skills to eat intuitively. Emotional reactivity (including emotional eating) will become a thing of the past and you will finally be in control of your life.

And if you need healing from emotional unease, digestive problems, candida, or chronic health conditions, you’ll know exactly where to find answers.


Then, as you continue….

meeting your own needs at the deepest emotional level,

feeding your body in a way that is nourishing and enjoyable,

gaining more energy and awareness of how different foods affect your body,

building more meaningful relationships, socially and romantically,

utilizing the tools you’ve learned to resolve stress at the core and gain the upper hand on self sabotage,

you will come to consistently behave as an intuitive eater, be emotionally grounded, and in control of your life.

Then anything becomes possible.

No more not knowing what to do to become the person you want to become.

And no more self sabotage, no more reactive outbursts, no more outta-control emotional eating. No more wondering when the “REAL” you is going to show up.

You’ll take back your intuition, confidently make nutritional choices, and live from a place of emotional freedom. And THIS time,  you’ll STOP standing in your own way, living in your shadow, and blocking happiness.

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So now you know what we’re going to cover and what you’ll absorb. Next, let’s talk about:


How the training works….


feather You’ll get instant access to the members-only website where you can go at your own pace and digest the training concepts from the comfort of your own home.

feather You’ll get cutting-edge spirituality and self-awareness training in every module.

feather This training also includes access to a private Facebook group for your comments, questions and  feedback so you can interact with fellow participants who are sharing this journey with you so you can                get the support you need on a daily basis.

feather Ongoing support from me and my team through the Facebook group or email.

You’ll finally feel like you’re in alignment with your true self. You’ll deeply love the person you are and that will seep out into the relationships with everyone else you care about. Life gets easier and a lot more fun. You will permanently be off the diet roller coaster and you’ll stop taking your emotions out on everyone around you. You will be in control of you.

This is your chance.

It’s a self-mastery education and skill building experience that will benefit you and those you love for the rest of your life.

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This program is NOT for everyone.

(I’ll go ahead and make this loud and clear so you don’t miss it.)

This program requires being open-minded: the willingness to consider new ideas, question old habits, and most importantly, a desire to change.

This program is NOT for you if you’re looking for a magical fix for your problems or if want to place the blame for your problems on everyone else without being making changes that would benefit you.

It’s also not for someone who isn’t willing to try new things in order to learn a whole new way of thinking and operating.

This program takes patience. No real, long lasting changes can happen overnight.

The course may take you a couple months (not including the ongoing support part), but the mindset and skill set you acquire in this program will need to be practiced for life.

As we’re working together through your members-only site or email, the moment I notice you doing something (or NOT doing something) that will get in the way of personal well-being, you’ll hear from me. I may not always say what you want to hear, but I’ll tell you the truth, and I’ll always be loving and respectful.


Here are some of the benefits you can expect from the “Dont Believe a Thing You Eat” virtual course….

feather An upgrade in your self-confidence, emotional awareness, and relationship and communication skills.

feather Strategies and internal shifts you need to become a more loving and compassionate version of yourself.

feather Making healthier choices for your nutritional nourishment that feel easy and intuitive without having to rely on willpower.

feather Knowledge and education on what foods are best for you and your unique body.

feather Replacing stress and anxiety with feelings of love and self acceptance.

feather Interaction and feedback of like-minded, really amazing women who are on the same level as you and going through the same experiences that this program offers.

feather A permanent shift out of negativity and self sabotage and into a lifestyle of love, compassion, and positivity.

feather Proven tools and strategies to upgrade your energy level.

feather A stronger ability to tune into your internal guidance and make decisions that support your personal growth.

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Rave Reviews…

pam and baby

How can I sum up what Healthy Intuition has done for me in just a paragraph when it literally changed the entire course of my life?

When I started working with Mercedes in hopes that she could help me with insomnia, but I felt like I had tried everything and wasn’t sure she could tell me anything I didn’t already know. After each session I felt invigorated and couldn’t wait to tell my husband about our discussions.  We delved into topics I had never heard or thought about before. Mercedes had me do guided exercises that made me contemplate my life direction and what parts of it were hindering me from ultimate happiness. Plus, I was trying amazing new foods!  As I got deeper into the program I realized just how much help my health needed.  By the end, my life was forever changed and I am continuing every day to move in the direction of true health and happiness! Thank you, Mercedes, for giving me the knowledge of what true health entails – you have changed my life and I hope that I can help others change theirs!





To say that my life has changed is an understatement.

A good deal of fear has always ruled my life, but on a day of courage I clicked the button to contact Mercedes.  That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  My initial intent in working with Mercedes was to heal my skin (severe adult acne after getting off of birth control) and have a better relationship with food.  What I got was so much more.  Through her coaching, I now have a healthy relationship with food and clear skin.  The most important part of my journey, though, was working on the darker issues I was holding on to (eg. mild depression, poor body image, “shoulds”, etc.).  With her guidance, I am working through those issues and am now a happier, healthier individual that can recognize when I need to take time to show myself some love.   



lauraBefore I met Mercedes, I was on 40mg of antidepressants a day, had no clue how to eat, felt tired all of the time and was overweight. While working with her, I learned how to listen to my cravings, weaned myself off of my meds with holistic alternatives and have started my journey of becoming a coach just like her!

I am so thankful of the time I’ve spent learning how to appreciate my body for what it is instead of depriving myself of food and self-love.



katie When I first made the decision to work with Mercedes for six months, I envisioned that Mercedes would somehow magically transform me into the epitome of a Wellness Warrior.  At the end of the six months I’d be waking up every day at 5 AM looking like the divine and by 7 AM I’d already have meditated for world peace, made the healthiest fresh juice known to man, read an entire self help book and magically absorbed it’s knowledge, detoxed the crap out of toxins, cleaned my house to look like a HGTV remodel, and all while running five miles in order to get some cardio in.  Needless to say I had some un-real expectations.

I never could have imagined the ways in which working with Mercedes would affect me. That for the first time in my life I’d handle stress well.  That I’d be consistent with my daily self care.  That I’d have a positive relationship with my food and my body.  That I’d have a more positive outlook on everything.  That I’d have sustained energy throughout the day.  That I’d make the best decisions for the real me, not the me that I “should” be.   It has been utter magic.

I was the type of person who put a lot of pressure on myself to be a certain way.  I am a Pilates practitioner and felt that in order to be taken seriously at my job that I needed to be the perfect example of health.  I had all of the tools at home that I needed but no real idea how to use them.  Mercedes helped me figure out how to create what I truly wanted, versus failing to do what I felt like I should.  It has been life-changing to have an objective person in my life who has my genuine well-being at heart.  Mercedes was able to point out things that I would have taken personally had a friend mentioned them. Having that kind of input into my life has been invaluable.




I learned more about health and wellness in the 6 months with Mercedes than I have in my whole life.

Mercedes helped me realize the need to “do the research” so I could be better equipped to advocate for the health and wellbeing of my family, especially my children.  I’ve become a stronger advocate for making the “right choices”, not the “most popular”.  Mercedes showed constant compassion and support as I was (and still am) taking baby steps to a healthier, more-informed lifestyle.  If she doesn’t have an answer, she works hard to get one.  Her passion to better the lives of others is admirable, and I’m proud to call her my friend and coach!




Someone said to me the other day, “you have been much calmer lately, why is that?”

I am actually cooking for myself and in a healthy way and loving it. I describe my energy as “clean” energy, not subsidized by caffeine or sugar, not forced. I have noticed a calmness about me also. I am loving everything about this!



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