My Kids Will Know

You can be in your business, someone else’s business, or God’s business. I’m trying REALLY hard to stay inmy business (but GOD help me because, fuck) because anything else would be giving up my power. And power, right now more than ever, is not something I’m going to give up. No. girl-56683_1920

So I’ll stay in my business. I’ll teach my kids to raise hell at the sight of injustice and inequality. I’ll teach my kids to recognize their privilege and USE it to make the world better for everyone, not just people “like them” and especially for people “not like them.” I’ll teach my kids the value of cultivating diverse relationships socially, professionally, and intimately. I’ll teach them that they are no better and no worse than anyone else, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, or status. I’ll teach them that just because the president of the United States says something, that doesn’t make it true. My kids will learn to not tolerate hate. That all people deserve love and respect.

I’ll teach them kindness and how to fight for it.
I’ll teach them compassion and how to use it.
I’ll teach them that when other people belittle and degrade others, for any reason, its up to each of us to say something. To speak up, to not let it be okay just because its happening to someone else.

We belong to each other. My kids will know.

Motherhood is my revolution. 


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