We are mothers. We are women.

We are getting out of our heads and into our lives with less overwhelm and more connection.

Will you join us?


Do you love being a mom, but struggle with losing your sense of self? Has your role as a mother crowded out your sense of who you are as a woman? Are you feeling lost and confused and torn about how to care for yourself and meet your own deepest needs while staying true to the care you give your child and your family?

While you love being a mom, you’re dissatisfied on some level that you can’t put your finger on. You’re worried that you’ll be stuck where you are forever. You’re worried for your relationship with your self, with your partner or with your children (and ultimately your own happiness) as you commit to the required selflessness of Motherhood. You’re using food and Facebook to zone out and find relief, but its creating a bigger hole instead of filling you up.

I rode that struggle bus. Hell, I was the DRIVER of that struggle bus. When I first became a mom, after 2 years of infertility, I was more than ready to devote myself to my child. And I did. I laid myself down on the altar of motherhood and sacrificed my sense of self in the process. Anything less than that felt selfish, overly indulgent, and unfair to my family. I put myself and my needs last, at the detriment to myself and everyone I loved. I was stressed out and happy to blame everyone around me instead of owning up to the role I was playing in my own martyrdom. The vision of motherhood that I had for myself was very different than the one I was experiencing and I knew I wanted something more for myself. For my family.

I work with women from all over the world to reclaim their vision of motherhood and make it a reality. I work with mothers who are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and emotionally defeated to find their own strength and fall in love with their mothering journey. My clients have a deep desire to feel lit up and engaged in their lives without feeling like they have to choose between meeting their needs and meeting their children’s needs. I show them how to do both.

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Formal bio: Mercedes Turino has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan, is board certified as a Holistic Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and has a wide variety of continuing education experience in the mental health and holistic sector. Mercedes leads transformational training programs, both locally and virtually, that teach women to challenge limiting beliefs and find a stronger sense of self as well as more confidence in finding balance and making decisions for themselves and their families. Her unique life experience, professional trainings, and deep passion allow her to combine emotional awareness techniques with real life experiences and offer a one-of-a-kind approach for personal growth and improved emotional wellbeing.

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